Stunt Drop

  Story (pretend):  We are shooting a movie about how an outlaw is trying to capture the town sherrif to take over the town. The sherrif just happens to be on her ranch when the terrorists attack, destroy her car, and cut off all telephone lines.   She must warn the town about their plans, but she has only her trusted and mighty stallion, Knight, to get her into town.  She must jump out of her mansion's 4th floor window onto Knight's back and ride like the wind.  You have been hired as the stunt person so the actor for the Sherrif, who is paid a million dollars, won't hurt herself.  Good luck.  If you get the job, you will make a whopping $5,000!

Instructions: Position the blimp to your best judgement, and click the mouse.  As you practice, the horse gets faster, and you drop more slowly, making the drop more difficult.  You get 20 drops before we decide whether to hire you.

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