Scramble! is a word unscrambling game for horse words.  To win, you must first figure out what the word is, and then unscramble it.  Figuring the word out is easy, but the next step is somewhat difficult.  The following instructions will tell you how.

If you already know how, click HERE to play!

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Scramble Directions

  1. First, you must figure out the word.  In this case, it is easily "Horse".
  2. Next, you have to unscramble it. This is the hard part.  There are many ways to solve this, but my favorite way is this :
    1. The strategy of this way is to spell the word from right to left.
    2. Start out by finding out which letter goes on the END of the word "Horse."  The answer is "E." You then move this letter into position 1.
    3. Then, you click on the 5 button to move it into place.
    4. Clicking on 5 switched the letter in position 5(O) with the letter in position 1(E).
    5. The next step is to find the next letter.  What comes before "E?"  The answer is "S!"
    6. Click 2 to swap the letters in positions 2 and 1. 
    7. Now, click on the 4 button to put the "S" into place!
    8. You now have this : 
    9. Because "R" is already in place to be moved, just click 3!
    10. There, the puzzle is solved!  
    11. Click the "Next>>" button to get another word!

Now that you know how to play, click HERE to play SCRAMBLE!